Shore Up Yer Kilter Like an Okie

I could spend hours telling you all the different ways we Okies can say, "take it easy," but I'd rather tell you why we're so good at it. Oklahomans have a long tradition of taking our time at things. We're slow to anger, slow to get places, slow to make decisions, slow talkers, slow cookers, … Continue reading Shore Up Yer Kilter Like an Okie


Candied Dried Orange Slices

Candied fruit always seems to be a Christmas-only specialty that the local baking wizard produces for potlucks and gifts before he/she vanishes with a puff of smoke, not to be seen again until next year. Well, that doesn't work for me. It's too hard to find good dried and candied citrus slices for my tea … Continue reading Candied Dried Orange Slices

Cold Brew Fever

Here we are again, back on my favorite subject - my unrepentant addiction to coffee. I've jumped on the cold brew bandwagon. Every time I hear or read about it, I'm told how complicated and difficult it is to make cold brew. There are step by step instructions to make cold brew properly all over … Continue reading Cold Brew Fever

Lucky New Year Hoppin’ John (Black-Eyed Peas)

Yes. I'm superstitious! Mostly, I make up my own superstitions, but once in a while, I buy into the traditional stuff. On New Year's Day, devotedly eat my black-eyed peas to ensure a very good and lucky year ahead. The practice of eating black-eyed peas for good luck on New Year's Day dates back to … Continue reading Lucky New Year Hoppin’ John (Black-Eyed Peas)

6 Festive Cocktails to Make Your New Year’s Party Ring!

Here we are already! Another year gone, and one more on the horizon suddenly arrived while we were cleaning up the shredded wrapping paper and tossing out the raisin cobbler that odd aunt sent us. Seemingly without warning, it's time to come up with party favours, snacks, and cocktails for one last fling before this … Continue reading 6 Festive Cocktails to Make Your New Year’s Party Ring!

Winter Wassailing

I'm going to brag. I'm not shy about telling you that you'll love this wassail. I've spent many years perfecting and tweaking it, and it turns out that the best flavors are the simple ones. Don't restrict wassailing to just Christmas. All Fall and Winter, I make this comforting drink for parties, dinners, or just … Continue reading Winter Wassailing

Chocolate Candy Cane Bark

Chocolate bark is fast and easy candy, it makes a great gift, it's flexible ingredient-wise, and even I can make it! Candy cane bark is my traditional gift to family and friends. I get requests for it every year, starting at around October. Sometimes I change it up with nuts, fruits, or even popping candy.  … Continue reading Chocolate Candy Cane Bark